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A few more minor changes to Forbidden Obsession

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve made a few changes to Forbidden Obsession.

  • I gave the book a place and date. One of the more consistent complaints I’ve gotten about the story (well, other than the complaint that the sex is too dark/disturbing/messed up) is that people have no idea if this is a contemporary story or a historical story. Originally I left out a date because I wanted to give the story an airy/fairy-tale atmosphere so the book could have taken place in almost any time in Medieval Europe. However, I didn’t do my job right if people think this is a contemporary story, so I’ve clarified things.
  • I changed the main character’s names so they’d fit the new historical period.
  • I’ve corrected some typos because no one likes typos.
  • There are no more zippers, because zippers hadn’t been invented yet.

That’s all. Otherwise, it’s the same story!

For eighteen years, Evan has burned for the one woman he is forbidden to touch. When innocent Sarah learns of his obsession with her, she offers herself willingly. Evan tries to use this opportunity to scare her away, but neither of them can control their dark passions…or the horrifying cost of being discovered.

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